At Sarvisberry I assisted Gibby Waitkin, a fiber artist, in preparing for an exhibition, Continuum of Being, in a gallery space of 2500 square feet. Together, we conceptualized many of the pieces of work that came into fruition. I organized a schedule to keep us on track to make the pieces in time, including editing out pieces that could be not be finished in time. We conceptualized the theme and flow of the show to create a story of the cycle of life, seasons, and the evolution of beings to write the strongest artist statement to express the complicated process of papermaking and the ever evolving nature that influences Gibby’s art. In addition to assisting with the exhibition, I became acquainted with using natural fibers harvested from Gibby’s own farm to create paper. It was a great experience taking centuries old techniques and applying them to technology of today using a large format printer & design. 

I utilized my design skills to help with the promotion, marketing & communication of Sarvisberry.These ranged from press releases, social media presence (constant contact, facebook & instagram), traditional print (magazine ads, flyers, cards, brochures, postcards) & web. As well as organize and teach five workshops with children and adults to share my love of paper and books. Now, I am finishing up by designing the catalogue to display the beauty of the handmade paper and natural fibers; and better articulate the process in which she creates her pieces.
Demonstrating how to pull a sheet of paper.
Trying to convince the kids pulp feels amazing.
Sharing my love with the local Art Club at Floyd High School.
Design Work done for promotional work.
buffing before couching the photograph onto the form
Getting ready to construct a very large flag book
Engineering Round one.
Round One
round two:  Taking apart attempt one.
Round two
yes! complete! and it feels good.
Couching handmade Large Format Archival Print onto another sheet of handmade paper.
Pulling 40x30 sheets with a great view.
Covered a form with handmade paper.
pulling sheets to cover the form
printing test strips
Pulling handmade xmas cards
my makeshift work table
Opening Reception of the 'Continuum of Being.'  I was assistant to Gibby for the past year, putting my heart and soul into the work. Here is the 'Trees of Life' Piece I helped conceptualize.
Flax Flax Hemp! true love.
Commission piece for Villa Appalachia Winery coming out of the dryer box
I designed Gibby's husband's company website for Genomeon.
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