patina pinata

collaboration with poet Bernard Welt

The Ancient Mariner

I don’t know what you’re 
talking about. I had a pal
who’s a pygmy. Is dot
so hard to get? Cheeses, these
people. Once I had fairly deep
feelings, that’s true. But 
like a column supports--
well, it supports something, 
and my point is: that’s
a metaphor. What’s a meta
for? Yes, I can smile and smile
and be a villain. (Not as bad as it
sounds.) Your smileage may vary.
Ask me another. In that case,
I’ll ask you: What’s the deal
with Nature? No antwort? When I
insist on the answer? What’s 
the difference between man,
manner, and moonkind? Why 
can’t we all get along? I say
there are no hidden agendas
in any questions everly, and no end
in sight. What is this--an ink
which is in? If you want to know
anything else, just axe me already. 
Patina? I thought you said piñata.

letterpress, blind embossment

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