throughout my life, opportunities and people have appeared just at the time it seemed i needed them.  fate has led me to them and they change the path i was on. i was drawn to the pioneer valley group of book artists for this seemed to be the way their history has unfolded.

In palmistry it is said that the left hand shows the destiny you are born with; the right hand shows how this destiny is used. in the style and spirit of the pioneer valley artists, i have made a book that addresses fate and happenstance by intertwining the palms of the ones who have crossed my path to tell my story in abstract imagery.  Using lithography, letterpress, etching and paper making i have bound together a book to show my destiny and how I have used it 
handmade flax paper, lithography, letterpress, screenprint
unbeaten flax pulp
beating flax
separated pulp
pulling sheets
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